Lent is a season of great reflection, and for the last two years my friend Kathy and I have led a Lenten Study Group on Facebook. The group is all women, and we average about 50 people each year. If you're interested in joining us, please send me a note at welcomingspirit at gmail dot com.

2013: We are God's Living Word
Living Words and Being a "Quickaholic"
Bathing in "Goodness"
A Modern Prayer of Saint Francis for a Digital "Integrator"
Defining the "Promise"
Fulfilling the "Promise"
About "Balance:" More Mary, Less Martha
"Cured" or Reflections on Soap
The Lord "Remembers:" The Story of My Son's Name

2012: A Journey Through the Wilderness
Lenten Study Circle: Wilderness and My Journey Therein
Live by Grace, a Quote from Brennan Manning
Quotes about The Journey
In Our Human Job Description
Little Zoom Teaches His Momma a Lesson About Happiness

On Giving Freely and Abundantly
The Lord will Fight For You, You Only Need to be Still
Stations of the Cross: A Modern Approach for a Rainy Day Retreat

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