Monday, March 4, 2013

Lent: Fulfilling the Promise

Homemade play dough
"Life is a Promise, Fulfill it." - Mother Teresa

This quote has hung in my kitchen for at least five years. I bought it the weekend I led my first retreat. It's penned on a sweet pewter bird, and it reminds me to stay in touch with whatever God has in store for me. To stay full of wonder, to look for signs, to fight the good fight for what I know is right and true. To never give up, and to be true to myself.

This evening I was back at San Damiano, where I led that retreat, one of my heart's cherished homes. The meeting tonight was a board subcommittee on marketing.

On the drive home I remembered that bird, and the Mother Teresa quote, hanging in my kitchen. I thought about my fascination with the Promise that God has for each of us. That we're here for a purpose. That we're drawn to things we love in this life, and that those passions often hold queues to our purpose.

The hard part is figuring out what might fulfill our promise. (And we are all so full of promise.) I know I am in awe of a few people in our world who seem to balance the dance of promise and fulfillment so beautifully. Moses. Ruth and Naomi. Ellen DeGeneres. Wayne Dyer. Father Rusty. Boy George (don't laugh, I mean it!, and if you and I ever sat down for coffee, I'd share why I admire him with you) Somewhere in the bitter and the sweet of life, I see that these people have found a radiance, a wisdom, and honesty about who they are, and a desire to share their divine gift with others. And often, they have an open heart about how hard life's journey can be.

It's easy to forget to go after our dreams. It's easy to get caught up in life and be so overwhelmed by all the "doing" that we forget to just "be."

For today, take a few minutes to think about what people (past and present, famous or not) seem to be living the balance of promise and fulfillment. What about them makes them come to mind for you? Are these attributes that you possess or would like to develop? What can you do to remind yourself to continue to actively work on your life's promise?

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