Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Beginning of Lent: Living Words and Being a Quickaholic

Last year my friend Kathy and I led a Lenten Study Circle on Facebook and we are doing the same again this year. After a flurry of excited exchanges, we've landed on the notion of "Living Words." I can't wait to see how this theme plays out with nearly 50 women sharing their own words. Their own lives.

Zoom kicking it on a Wednesday night.
For today, for the beginning of Lent, I'm struck by the word "quickaholic." Did you see this post by Pete Wilson (no not the former California Governor).  The meat of his post (for me) is this:

"Maybe we all need to slow down a bit. Breathe a bit.

I know we're all quickaholics that have become enamored by words like, fast, easy and instant, but efficiency is not God's highest goal for you. Love is."

I can relate to these words. To the quickness that I easily get sucked in to during the day. Throughout the work day, there's a lot of rushing around, of being preoccupied with checking email, even while in a meeting. I think we've all become quickaholics.

And then I come home, and there's a tiny person who reminds me of another way. Of the way we all started, of living in the present. Of the days when "now" is the only thing, the people in front of us the only ones that matter for the moment. When we could focus and laugh and soak each other in. Of a whole lot of love.

This Lent I'm giving up the crazy and the addiction to "quick." Who is with me?

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LydiaF said...

"Quickaholic" Very apt. I like it. Enjoyed wandering through your blog. Happy SITS day :) and a blessed Easter.