Thursday, March 11, 2010

Retreating This Weekend

I'm off to lead a retreat this weekend with Father Rusty and my friend (and musician) Earl J Rivard. It will be a great retreat, I am sure. While it's a smaller group than we usually have (there are about 20 people signed up), I'm looking forward to having a mellow time leading.

It's funny because I approached the retreat as if it was going to be a silent one. That means that of course the leaders speak, but there would be a lot more time to allow those folks who attend to journal and reflect. I found out this week that no, it's actually a regular old speaking retreat. That's great too because it's fun to have small group time to talk and learn.

These last few weeks have been busy. My new commute has me in the car for about an hour and a half total, each day. I'm feeling the pinch on personal time; that extra time is eating in to when I'd usually be blogging or reading.

Once I'm through the weekend, I'll hopefully have a little more time personal time. Hope you all have a great, peaceful weekend!