Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ten in Three: My Plan Over the Next Three Years

In my sheepish return, I said I had some big plans over the next three years. So, let's cut to the chase and get sharing!

In October of last year I started working with a life coach, the wonderful and amazeballs Michelle Ward. I was working at a very terrible place (more on that later!), and yet it felt so good to know that I'd started planning my great escape and working on the bigger picture. On whatever came next.

We spent 4 months working on things. By the end I knew I wanted to be some sort of an entrepeneur, running my own business. Initially I thought I'd be an "Inspiration Architect and Business Consultant" because I love helping people figure out how to do things. And I love helping people figure out how they can feel inspired, and figuring out where they feel inspired.

And then I got thinking. What I LOVE is the people. Their stories. Helping them remember the spark of what's true to them, what made them happy as a child, what their heart sings to do. It's about the people. Even now, as a project manager, my favorite thing is the interpersonal skills, the leading, the inspiring, and the cheering on of teams, even when the going is tough. And so then, why not be a life coach myself?

*This is when my heart got racing and I knew I was on to something.*

Ten in Three on Welcoming Spirit
And so, without further adieu, my "Ten in Three" list:

In 2014:
1. Get married! in October.
2. Pass my Project Management Professional exam.

In 2015:
3. Begin training as a life coach in the Courageous Coaching Training Program. (January)
4. Get the word out and start marketing myself. (All year)
5. Plan a retreat for Michelle Ward's graduates in New York! (June or July)
6. Begin taking on clients as a life coach. (May - August)
7. Graduate! in October

In 2016:
8. Work on jumping off on my own as a coach in 2016.
9. Take a little time to hang out with Zoom before he starts kindergarten.
10. Get my company going and kick butt.

So that's the plan. It's ambitious, it's life changing. And super exciting. 
What ten things are you going to tackle in the next three years?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Sheepish Hello!

Welcoming Spirit has sat dormant for a year, and so I'm a bit sheepish as I come back and say a quiet "hello!" It's been a year of big learnings, of bad jobs, and strange days.

I was trying so very hard to find balance, and over the course of two jobs in a year, only managed to find a couple of truly dysfunctional work places. Painful, as I'd joined up when two people I'd worked with before assured me that they were great places to work.

And so I kept looking, and have found my way back to a place where the people are kind, they like each other, and the work is doable.  It is a good feeling to laugh at work again, and to have a new friend who sits next to me. On days she deems "too quiet" she gets out a rubber pig and squeezes it a few times, and it makes a loud squealing noise and everyone laughs.

I swear these are my people ;-)

And so, based on my search for balance, I also now have time for this. This blog, for you, for readers and community, and I've missed it.

I've got some ideas ... a new logo (yay!), a new layout is on the way, and then I have this crazy list of 10 things I need to over the next three years.

So say hi, if you would. I'm glad you're here and I'm glad I'm back.