Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tiny Biz Tuesday: Start Tracking Your Traffic

This is the exciting kick off for a new feature on Welcoming Spirit called "Tiny Biz Tuesdays!"

I recently started a Facebook group called "Tiny Biz Hustle," (and you should totally join us!) and each week we are focusing on just one thing that tiny businesses can do to make the most of their marketing efforts. Why would I do this?

Over the next year I'm studying to become a life coach. And over that course of a year I want to start to take all of the great knowledge I have in my head around marketing big brands over the last 15 years and apply them to a tiny business. My business.

I see no better way to do this than to jump right in and start, and so that's just what I'm doing.

This Week's "Just one thing:"
For this week, and as prep for some larger work (goal setting and other ground work), I want you to download this great spreadsheet and start tracking your traffic.

Why you should do this:
You need to know where you've started. If you and I are going to be focusing on growth and numbers and optimizing content and social media marketing, we need a baseline. The only way to do this is to log it, today. And then make a habit of logging those numbers every month as we work through the next year.

Just for kicks, as of December 29, 2014 here are the stats for Welcoming Spirit:
A few thoughts on this. December is always my biggest month, visitor-wise, because Welcoming Spirit has ranked pretty high for search results under "Ugly Homemade Christmas Sweater," due to a post I put up in 2008. It's a testament to what viral traffic can do for a blog, even years after a specific post is popular. 

I've been working on growing an email list, and just started hitting twitter a little harder.  The rest are a work in progress.

What do your starting numbers look like?
Congratulations on taking a first step in taking control of your brand and it's reach!


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Alexandra Richards said...

This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I've tried to keep similar logs - this one may just be the one though.


Paula said...

Thanks Alexandra, I'm using it myself. I hope it helps you, too! Thank you for stopping by. I'm off to check out your blog.