Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Puff the Magic Dragon: A Boy and His Dragon

My three year old son, who's nickname around here is Zoom, loves dragons. I can't say just when the fascination started, but it must have been a couple of years ago. It doesn't completely surprise me that he loves the beasts, I too adored Elliot (Pete's Dragon), and Puff.

Puff the Magic Dragon is a song that I strongly equate with childhood. We sang it at my house growing up. We sang it at summer camp, and later as a counselor at Kennolyn, we sang it with our campers around the campfire.

And so when Zoom was about a year old, I showed him a silly little video about Puff. And he loved it.

In Pacific Grove, California - Zoom and his Dragon!

This week, on the morning of first day of preschool, Zoom asked me to play the Puff video. We sat on his bed, watching. I sang along.

Zoom got so quiet. And I looked down and he was crying near the end of the song.

"What's wrong," I asked.

"Momma, what happened to Jackie Paper? They said he stopped coming to see Puff. Where he go," he asked quietly.

"Jackie grew up, Zoom. He got to be a big boy and stopped playing with dragons," I tried to explain.

"Momma, I never want that to happen to me. I always want to play with dragons," he told me. And this last line tore at my heart and made me cry. "Momma, why are you crying?"

"Because I want you to always play with dragons, too," I told him. And then we hugged and sang along and we were fine.

I'm grateful for this boy who loves his dragons, who can't imagine a world without them. I'm grateful that he's allowed me to remember so many of the things that I loved in childhood, and that he's let me relive those moments again. And, I'm touched by this moment, on a morning before he goes off to his new big boy class, when he quietly tells me that he is a boy full of magic, of wonder, of light and goodness and love. And I'm grateful for every second that I get to spend with him and his dragons.


Margaret said...

What a wonderful entry! My kids constantly tell me that they do not want to grow up.

Paula said...

Thanks Margaret! It's so sweet that they recognize that they are young and that things might change. It's hard as a parent to know what to say to that concern. They will grow up, but the challenge and beauty is learning to hold on to a least a bit of the magic. :)