Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Peeps Topiary Tree and Easter Recap

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. We had an amazing time - lots of food, good times with family, a massive egg hunt, and yes, my sister made a DIY Peeps Topiary Tree.

Our Easter celebration started on Saturday night when we hosted Easter "Brinner" (breakfast for dinner). I knew we'd have a ham for Easter at my sister's house, so it made sense to me to turn everything upside down and have breakfast the night before. So we whipped up gluten free waffles, bacon, eggs, and coffee.


I like to set the kids' table with a table cloth because it makes clean up easier, and I have this idea that it makes them feel like behaving since it's clearly a special occasion. The joke was on me as the discussion topics at the littles' table included: toe-jam, boogers, toot-toots, and "Mommy, why you are so far away from us?"


After Brinner, we dyed our eggs.

Dying Easter Eggs

On Easter morning, our family of three woke up and Zoom dug in to his Easter basket, and we did a small egg hunt in the living room. He really liked looking for eggs!

Then we went over to my sister's house for brunch and more Easter fun. And can you imagine our surprise when we walked in to see .... this!


This table and the peeps topiary were AMAZING! My sister had created the topiary from "scratch" - using a styrofoam ball in the center. She painted the stick, the terracotta pot, and added the bow and grass. For the most part the peeps were held on by tooth picks, but some of the ones along the bottom were fastened with hot glue. So freaking cute!! :)

Next up was the "official" cousins Easter Egg hunt in my sister's back yard. The kiddos put on their capes to get ready. Here are Super Zoom, Super Grover, and Super Fairy:

Easter 206

And they are off!
Easter 219

Easter 218

Easter 226

For the record, Zoom was the winner this year :) Although, his cousin Ralphie had won for the last two years in a row!

What did you do this Easter?

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Adrienn TUJ said...

Love the pictures! Great post!

A Joyful Noise said...

What sweet little toeheads preparing the eggs and then hunting for them. Lovely !!

Craftynight owls said...

Love your peeps topiary. What a great job

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