Friday, April 26, 2013

Painting a $25 Thrift Store Mirror for our Dining Room

Our dining room has been a work in progress since we moved in ten months ago. Here was an early view of the room:

Mirror: 1

This setup wasn't working for me because everything in the room was so angular. There were no soft corners, just hard lines, rectangles, and right angles.

That's when I happened upon not one, but TWO giant oval mirrors in a thrift store. They matched! And they were $25 each. I snagged one of them, and continue to wonder why I didn't buy both.

The mirror originally had a black frame (upper left image), which I felt was too heavy, and drew too much attention to itself. The mirror did have a pretty inner ring of silver, which I wanted to keep.

I used painter's tape to cover up the silver part of the frame so I could paint the black section. I chose a cream colored spray paint, and used three slow and even coats to get nice, even coverage.

thrift store mirror

Here's the mirror now, on our stenciled dining room wall. I like the way that the mirror pulls light in from the window on the other side of the room, and I like that the angles now seem balanced with more round and curvy lines.

Thrift Store Mirror After 2

Thrift Store Mirror After 2

Happy Weekend!


margaret said...

Pretty! I thought of you yesterday when I did a craft project! The box that a recent laptop came in was so cool that I hated to throw it away. It had an attached lid and a nice weight to it. I covered the top--where the Dell logo was--with a collage of craft papers and stenciled Atticus' name on it. I put a bunch of random little things that he likes (a mini flashlight, a carabiner, all sorts of little things) and called it his "treasure chest." Instant new toddler toy and activity!

Floyd said...

Good for you. Taking matters into your own hands, I like that. It looks like you changed the baseboard too? Mirrors are the decorator's secret weapon!

Paula said...

Margaret - that's awesome :) I love that idea. Zoom loves carrying things around in a bag or a box. I'm thinking of sewing him a little bag for cars.

Floyd - yes! Those are replaced baseboards. A project that took 9 months to finish :) boy were we glad to get those done!

Liz said...

Paula, your house is really coming together. That mirror is fabulous!