Thursday, March 28, 2013

Updating the Front Door and Entry

A couple of weekends ago, I tackled a few small updates to our front entry area. The hardware around the door had four different metal tones: black, brushed nickel, brass, and gold. So I decided to update all of it with a little spray paint - Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze:

I removed the mailbox, the door knobs and locks, the peephole, doorbell casing, and the hook we have for wreathes. And I gave it all a good 2-3 coats of paint.

The old doorbell was quite dated. Very 1971:

old doorbell

It looked worlds better with new paint, and a new button.
The update I was most proud of was the peephole. I removed it from the door, and then cut a bit of painter's tape to cover the plastic peephole. After that, I painted it, and the painter's tape kept the plastic clean.


Once everything was back in place, the entry looked a little more put together and unified.  In the before and after, I especially like the more mellow tone of the door handle and lock.


Dana @ Kiss My List said...

What a difference hardware can make! My front door is sorely in need of an update - you've inspired me. Visiting from SITS - enjoy your day!

Liz said...

It looks great!