Friday, January 4, 2013

A Spiritual Look Back on 2012

In addition to looking back at the fun projects I tackled in 2012, it's also satisfying looking back at the spiritual posts and reflections for the year.

In January, I was thinking a lot about happiness. I reflected on Anne Frank's quote of "Whoever is happy will make others happy too. He who has courage and faith will never perish in misery."

Whoever is happy

My mind was blown when in February I spent some time considering the similarities in plot and life between Puccini's "Turandot" and the musical "Rent." Neither artist finished his own masterpiece, and both speak of the passing nature  of life and importance of dear friends.  I also found myself wondering a bit about living up to the spirit in me.

This is my commitment.
The Spirit in Me
I also co-led a Lenten Study Group on Facebook, which had me pondering on Lent in February and March. I was fascinated by the themes of journeys through the wilderness. And, little Zoom taught me a lesson about happiness with his golf costume.

March also brought a reflection on my time as a camp counselor, and the littlest tree huggers.


Lent closed, and with Easter, I always find myself thinking of Christ's journey. I'm especially drawn to the passage where he cries out "Father, Father, why have you foresaken me?" It echoes in my brain and heart. In April, I found myself considering God's promise to Moses that "The Lord will fight for you, you only need to be still." Coupled with Jesus' cry, these two passages seem to be two interesting takes on the heartache and difficulties of this life.

We started our search for a new home in April, too.

In May, I reflected on losing weight. I lost 21 pounds. I shared a bit about how a very long labor (56 hours) that ended in a C-section left me feeling lost, and how I turned to food for solace. This was not an easy post to write.


We moved in June, but in July after working our butts off to move, I wrote about the busy-ness trap.


August left me questioning, once again, what it means to blog. I love my blog, but often feel like I have to conform to what others expect from a blogger. And I posted this image from my friend Katey.

Little Zoom, and our journey together, was once again my inspiration in October. I wrote about my  mantra to him that "I will always love him and keep him safe." This remains one of my favorite posts ever. And, I dealt with the sad news that a second retreat in a row was cancelled. This was hard news to take.

November left us with a broken water main, but a real reason to be thankful: our wonderful neighbors.

And in December, my sister's family mourned the loss of her husband's mother, Jean. And the nation mourned the loss of the innocent lives at Sandy Hook

Our hearts are broken


Nicole Nenninger said...

Visiting from SITS and so glad to christen this article with the 1st comment! Thanks for the inspiration, I especially resonated with the quote on the door. I too am on a spiritual quest and have been for years now. It think it's part of my being now--so it's not so much a quest as a way of life. The really wonderful thing about the SITSGirls is that they have brought together a wonderful group of people, from all over the world, who share their gifts with one another in a spirit of love, friendship, and positivity. I've been exposed to so many different websites and people now and each one has touched my life in some way. As has yours. Thanks for sharing your spiritual and earthbound journey with us.

Hope said...

What a great reflection. There are times when my mind also echoes Jesus's words on the cross, but then I remember that's the reason he died, so that I wouldn't be forsaken. I sometimes question thing about my blog, but I try to be my authentic self..those who like it will read.
Love your blog name and what your blog stands for. Happy SITS day. Following..

misssrobin said...

Beautiful reflection. What a great idea.

Ugochi said...

Amen Paula! Great way to link all 2012 posts!
It is great to meet another Christian blogger.
Visiting you from SITS.
Enjoy your SITS day!

Sheila Skillingstead said...

I love the reflections you were able to make and the beautiful photos and images in your post. I will need to do that myself. Enjoy your SITS Day.

Mothering From Scratch said...

{Melinda} What a beautiful chronicle of your journey over the last year. I love your reflection about Christ and Moses. I have so much trouble "being still." Like Ugochi, I love connecting with other Christian bloggers. Great to meet you!

Hope you have a wonderful SITS Day!

Adrienn TUJ said...

Thank you for sharing. I liked reading about your journey. Have a great SITS day! Glad to know about your blog, I'll stop by again soon! Happy SITS day!

Rabia said...

This was a great way to reflect on your year. Thanks for sharing it!

Jill of PJgamers said...

Beautiful pictures! What an awesome way to reflect on the previous year--perfect for your SITS day. Thanks for sharing.
♡ Jill

Kate Eschbach said...

Hi there! Stopping by from SITS.

Your blog is so beautiful. I love it!

Alli Smith said...

Stopping by from SITS! I really enjoyed your post.

Jennice said...

I'm Jennice visiting from SITS! What a lovely reflection for you. I realize it wasnt all good,but you seemed to have handled with grace and dignity.Come visit me @ sometime!!!

Jessi said...

Visiting from SITS! I love this post- so beautiful. I especially loved the photo from your friend about stepping outside for some air...I think we all need to be reminded of that sometimes!

Jean said...

Very poignant reflection. I think it does us a world of good to do just such a thing, and I don't think we do it nearly often enough. Happy SITS day, late!