Friday, November 2, 2012

Five Minute Friday: #500 - Along for the Ride

It's my 500th blog post today! I can't believe that there have been that many, that I've had that much to say. In the last two weeks I've found that the balance of my life has pulled me away from this blog, to dreams of starting a new blog, an edgier blog, maybe a place to talk about fashion, about DIY home stuff. And then I ask, but why not on Welcoming Spirit?

Why not "bloom where you are planted?"

Why is it that each of us always wants to be up for the next big thing?

I can't figure out why this space feels a little too familiar, why it feels like it can't morph into something else.

Or why the balance of life pulls me away from retreat work, away from time set aside to think about God, away from the places in my heart that I've loved for so long.

Has it been too much? Is it time to take a break and look at things more ... of this life? Of focus elsewhere, and come back to the spiritual side later? Not that I'd leave it altogether, but that for a time, my focus might be on family, on our home, on making the day to day life we have easier.

In some ways my retreat leading love feels like a selfish hobby, something that takes me from other things, something that maybe has played itself out. That perhaps there is a new season coming, that will be as beautiful and amazing and cherished as this one has been.

And perhaps this blog will still come along for the ride.

Would you like to share a post? I'd like to introduce you to a few of my sisters in the journey :) - my (in)courage group. Link it up, ladies!

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beautyoutofdust said...

Great thoughts Paula! I have also been in a funk with my blogging. Afraid to let it become what it will become. Afraid to just write. Thanks for sharing today. And congrats on reaching 500 posts!

Paula said...

I think it's a fear thing for me, too. And a time thing. Work has been really busy and part of my challenge has been balancing everything.

Thanks for linking up!! :)

Lindsey V said...

It is crazy how this balance thing comes up in EVERY area of life! Thank you so much for hosting our link up this week in the midst of ALL the crazy!!

Denise said...

Wonderful post.

Christina said...

Congrats on 500 posts! I know what you mean about change and priorities. I've had similar thoughts. Blessings!

lori mcclure said...

It's interesting for me to read this today because I have been struggling with what I should use my space for. Sometimes I get lost in the sea of voices. I think we all have a unique voice to use if we're willing to use it. Hmmmm, thanks for making me think :)

Jennifer @ said...

A good friend of mine and I were talking about this the other day. She was feeling a little restless, too. So she recently unplugged the blog, and is starting over fresh. I get the same feelings of restlessness, and have thus gone through a number of redesigns. I nfact, I am in the midst of yet another. :)

And 500 posts! Yay, you! That's a big milestone.

Paula said...

Thanks - to all of you! I think it's time for a redesign, and time to just get honest about what I WANT to do. There's another blog post brewing, but really, I think I need to get in touch with focusing on what I want, and now what I feel obligated to do. :)

Paula said...

that last sentence should be "not what I feel obligated to do"