Friday, September 14, 2012

Zoom Friday: An Elephant Theme First Birthday Party

As we head into the weekend, and Zoom's second birthday party, I realize I never shared his first birthday with you all. So here we go, down memory lane, with Zoom's Elephant Theme First Birthday Party. There's a list of references of where I got everything at the bottom of this post.

A Welcome sign at the front door step, made from scraps of the banners:
Zoom's 1st bday 139

Elephant decorations in the kitchen. I used some Sesame Street ones my sister had, and covered them with our elephant paper:
Zoom's 1st bday 168

Zoom's 1st bday 161

Our gluten free cupcakes with Elephant toppers:
Zoom's 1st bday 163

We even had a tiny elephant planter near the cupcakes. I bought a new stand for the occasion, too, which now houses my little succulent plant collection. The bunting on the stand is from the matching elephant paper:
Zoom's 1st bday - cupcakes with Elephant Toppers

Post cupcake, you can see Zoom's elephant t-shirt in this photo, along with "Uncle" Steve peeking in on the birthday boy:
Zoom;s 1st bday Elephant Tshirt

My parents pose with Zoom, and show off his matching elephant t-shirt and bib:
Zoom's 1st bday 170

Elephant masks (and mouse masks, too) were part of the fun for our younger guests (OK, and some of the older ones, but I don't have any photo proof to share):
Zoom's 1st bday Elephant Masks

For favors, I found some elephant Webkinz for $5 on eBay. With only 6 younger guests, this seemed like a great favor for a good price!


For the older (read: adult) guests we gave out peanuts. Get it? Elephants love peanuts ...

And here's a picture of the three of us before Zoom devoured his cupcake!
Zoom's 1st bday 234

Where to find the Elephant items:
Cupcake toppers by 3rd Generation Crafts on Etsy
Elephant t-shirt and bib by Bubbles and Squeaks on Etsy
Elephant masks: Dollar bin at Target
Elephant Webkinz: on eBay
Elephant stamp on bag of peanuts: Hug Fish and Orange on Etsy

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Liz said...

The elephant theme is very cute! It looks like he had a great 1st birthday! I hope he had a fun 2nd birthday!!