Sunday, February 12, 2012

Toddler Art: Valentine's Day Cards

A little while ago, Zoom and I spent an afternoon making some golf ball art.  I decided to use the golf ball art as part of our Valentine's this year. Here are all of the supplies we used: art, pinking scissors, glue, glitter heart stickers, card stock, patterned paper, and envelopes.

valentine's day 2012 001

I cut the hearts out of the the golf ball art that Zoom had painted.

Here's one of the cards we made. I love the rainbow! It's got a groovy 70s vibe going on.

valentine's day 2012 019

Here are all nine of the cards. I got the glitter heart stickers at Target. Everything else was something we had at home, making this a very economical project (perfect for "Finance month"). I feel like home made cards are more sentimental, and far less expensive than store bought cards which seem to run about $4 each. Card-making has been a hobby (and business) of mine for years!

valentine's day 2012 013

When the cards were done and ready to go, Zoom helped sign them.  I helped address them :)

What kind of art projects have you been up to lately?
Happy (almost) Valentine's Day,

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RedTedArt said...

Those turned out adorable! How pretty!

Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


Paula said...

Thanks, Maggy! And thanks for hosting :)

Cari and Cortnee @ Two Sasters said...

Such a cute idea!!

Netties Expressions said...

Awww....this is adorable! I'm dropping by from the Look What I Made Linky Party

Paula said...

Thank you Nettie! I'm so glad you stopped by :)

Hank hendricks said...

This is adorable and cute idea...I wish to use this for Gift Card envelopes.

Nicola Simpson said...

These cards are lovely! #tuesdaytutorials

Eileen Teo said...

Such a great ideas! Thank you for sharing it with us #pintorials

Paula said...

Thank you Eileen and Nicola! We had a lot of fun making these :)