Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happiness Project: Energy: Living it With Routines

I've been trying my hardest to live my Energy month as "high energy" as I can. Here's some of what I do each day, many of which are routines that make good sense for anyone, really. I've just been trying my hardest to keep them in practice.

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At night:
- set the coffee maker to automatically go off at 6am (seriously, I wake up most mornings with the jingle of "The best part of waking up...." in my head when I smell that coffee)
- pick out an outfit, down to shoes and jewelry, and pick a sweater/cardigan as well
- plug in my phone so it's charged and ready for the next day
- wipe down the kitchen, putting the dishes in the dishwasher, starting the dishwasher if it's full
- do a quick clean up of the living room (key thing here is putting away Zoom's toys)
- do one of the Flylady Flight Plan items or de-clutter an area
- think about lunch for the next day, do I have something I need to pack up?
- read in bed for a few minutes to slow down from the day
- get to bed by 10pm

In the morning:
- Shower, dry hair, eat, get out the door
- If I'm taking Zoom to school, I get him out of the house as well
- check Waze (iPhone app) before hitting the road to see what route is best
- load a podcast before leaving the driveway so I have something interesting to listen to (Joyce Meier is a standard favorite, she has a new podcast each day)

During the day at work:
- Pull up my Cozi To Do list, so if I have time at lunch or between meetings I can tackle a personal task
- Log in to Weight Watchers, knowing that I'm more likely to log my points and pay attention to what I'm eating if it's already on my screen
- drink water
- eat lunch and have a fruit snack at some point
- go weigh in on the scale in the work gym

What kinds of habits have you developed to keep yourself on task?

Having the Best Year Ever,

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