Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19: A Paper Nativity Scene

Day 19: A simple paper manger made with my hands reminds me of the humble beginnings the most profound gift the world has ever received

Didier, a French artist, has a wonderful blog called "My Little House." And he posts all sorts of amazing Christian art and paper models for children (and others) to make. I fell in love with his art, the blog's name, and the generiousity of his spirit with these simple gifts.

Here's the Nativity Scene, along with the entire town of Bethlehem:

A paper model of Bethlehem, from Didier at "My Little House"
 I love this. I love paper, I love the simplicity of the town, and I love that an artist took the time to make and share these with the world. I can imagine as Zoom gets older that we might make this town, one week at a time, as we get closer to Christmas Eve. It would be such a great opportunity to talk about this story, read the Bible together, and learn about the history of Israel.

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