Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Fun: Skyscrapers, Palm Islands, World Change

This week I came across a handful of things that really captured my interest, about how we have impacted our planet and here they are:

Skyscraper Page - this is a full website dedicated to showcasing the skyscrapers of the world. You can dig deeper and look at comparison charts of the largest, the ones in your city, really any statistic! I love seeing the comparisons - for fun, here are five of the proposed skyscrapers, from the Skyscraper Page.

Palm Islands and "The World"Islands - Have you seen these? They are man made islands (archipelagos actually) in Dubai, and they seem like they are straight out of a terra-forming exercise in the game Civilization. Here is both the Palm Islands and The World, both were formed to look like their name. This first photo is from NASA:

Can you see the continents of the globe?  (photo from NASA) This set of islands is sinking, and while they were originally meant to be privately owned and funded, only 1 has development on it to date. Check out this article.

NASA's World of Change page. This page shows some of the environmental impacts that humanity has had on the globe. There is more detail about the building of the Palm Islands, as well. It's very interesting to see the impact on Storms, Seasons, Shrinking Seas, Water Levels, Sea Ice, and Burn Patterns.

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