Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zoom Friday: Dreaming of a Play Fort

Now that baby Zoom is a year old, I find myself dreaming of making a fort. The kind of place you can put 1 million pillows, an army of stuffed animal friends, where books and magic wands and secret things can hide. The kind of little corner where a baby snuggles up for a cat nap, and where we'd play and play and always save the day.

Here are a gorgeous, billowy ideas for Zoom's play fort.

This one is my favorite idea. I have left over fabric that matches his room that would be AWESOME:

Super cute ideas to transform a dining or coffee table:

Under a dining room table:

This one uses blinds!

Did you ever build a fort as a kiddo?

1 comment:

crazymelvis said...

Yes, the traditional out of couch pillows. I love the table idea. Very clever.