Friday, June 3, 2011

Zoom Friday: Zoom's Favorite Playtime Things

Recently, Zoom started to show a preference for certain toys. You can tell because his face lights up when he sees them, and he snuggles his face into them (well at least the stuffed animals). Now Zoom seems to genuinely prefer three toys - his pink Valentine Bear named Dandee, his white Gund snuggly lamb from Auntie Cris, and his new Noah's Ark.

Here's the first day that Zoom met Dandee. Love at first site! You can see how pleased he is to have found this enormous bear :)
Zoom & Dandee_r

Zoom also adores this white lamb that Cris brought the first time she visited.


And, the latest and greatest craze at our house is over this Noah's Ark. It makes noises. It has wheels. The giraffe sounds like a donkey. Amazing things happen on the ark!


Zoom's favorite playmates are his cousins. Here they are in the park last weekend. Zoom and Bella chat about the red ball.


And here's Ralph, stealing the show by butting in to the photo with Zoom and Bella (who look oh so serious...). This picture is so very Ralphie. What a funny boy!

So, what should we name the white cuddly lambie?