Monday, March 14, 2011

Where Would You Go for a Retreat-like Vacation?

Sean and I have decided that we need a vacation. We really want to get away, and take Zoom with us. It's an interesting prospect to travel with a baby, and so we think that we want this trip to be within driving distance.

We're drawn to the ideals of a place with a deep serenity:

With perhaps a little chapel to day dream in:

These images are from The Sea Ranch, California.

Where would you go for a retreat-like vacation?


Liz said...

My idea of a retreat-like vacation would be something like a transcontinental cruise. I have always wanted to do one but at this stage in my life I love to go go go! I figure when I'm older I'll want to do more serene things. I hope you go and enjoy your vacation!

Mel said...

Hi thanks for visiting my blog. Oh, You live in CA...I would love to live there. I love summer and warm weather. I could do without winter. I do plan to visit that side of the us one day!!!!