Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Visiting Saint Patrick's Church in San Francisco

I love visiting churches. There's something about the history of a place that has been in a city for years, that houses so many prayers, that acts as a place of serenity, solitude and salvation within all the bustle. I'm drawn to churches and places of worship when I travel. I've decided that it's time I start visiting the churches near me to see what I find. I think of it as a little mission, to visit as many as I can.

Over the weekend, Zoom and I put on our Saturday best and went into The City to visit Saint Patrick's Church. Founded in 1851, it's on the register of historical places in San Francisco. I've long been fascinated by it, since it's in the heart of SOMA (South of Market), and is dwarfed by the daunting Marriot hotel.

Come, journey with us to Saint Patrick's Church ...

Saint Patrick's Church in San Francisco


Saint Patrick's Church in San Francisco

Saint Patrick's Church in San Francisco

Saint Patrick's Church in San Francisco

Saint Patrick's Church in San Francisco

Saint Patrick's Church in San Francisco

The reading for the day was John 4:39-42, which is the passage about the Samaritan woman at the well. She does not know who Jesus is when she meets him at the town well. He asks her to get him a drink. The dialogue that follows is one that skillfully weaves double speak by both the woman and Jesus. They banter back and forth, talking about the "water," and both knowing that "water" was one in the same with eternal life. 

I love this passage because it shows a smart woman engaging with Jesus and actively challenging him. She is not holy, she is a sinner, and yet, Jesus speaks with her as he would his disciples. He reveals who he is to her (and he doesn't do that often), and yet she also recognizes him for who he is. This is the Jesus of everyday, treating people as equals, knowing their hearts and looking for a relationship with them. This is a great teacher in action.

At Saint Patrick's, I prayed for the people of Japan, my friend's sister-in-law Jodi, my co-worker's father, Jenn's grandmother, Rebecca's father, and my family.


Heather Joy said...

Very interesting post! I've walked by St. Patrick's many times and had not realized it's history. I love how you shared what you prayed for at the end!

Shop Sweet Things with Jeanne said...

I love churches too... every time I go into one, I feel so calm and centered. I know exactly where that church is too but never knew it was called St. Patrick's. Thanks for sharing the history!

Liz said...

What a beautiful old church! I am glad that you enjoyed the sermon!