Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Next Retreat: Living Joy to the Fullest

The team and I have been working on our upcoming retreat, which is in April. Our theme is "Living Joy to the Fullest," and we're very excited. One of the activities will be a group one - we are planning on asking teams to select two cards from two hats. One hat will have a little bio about a saint, and the other will be of a current day inspirational figure. I can't wait to share some of those inspirational stories here.

Another thing I'd like to do here is begin working with themes, much like we do for our retreats. I'll look for stories, music, and reflections to tie into the theme and welcome your input or suggestions. We'll see how it goes; I'd love for this blog to be a virtual retreat, bringing you inspiration and joy.

In the spirit of the retreat, the new theme here will be "Living Joy to the Fullest." Do you have any joyful events you'd like to share, or ideas for a post? Comment below or email me at welcomingspirit [at]

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