Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My New Job! My Couch Becomes an Office

My dear friend Katey asked for another update and by golly, I'm happy to give the people what they ask for.

My new job is with a small ad agency that started in Canada, but is now relocating to Oakland, California. I knew one of the guys, Darren, from a previous job. The team we were on did a lot of work on a major campaign for a large credit card company. We got along well, and we laughed a lot and we liked each other. While it was still a hard job, it was a great team.

So way back when Darren left to start his own agency, I told him to let me know if they ever needed a project manager because I'd love to work with him again. And, Darren IMed me like a month ago and asked if I knew any PMs looking for work.

The great conundrum. I was already at a new job. I felt bad leaving, but not really that bad because it wasn't a good fit. And, I really, really, wanted to follow my heart. So I excepted the new job!

My new title is Program Director, which sounds a little like a cruise director, but isn't. I do Project Management, and I get to work directly with clients. See, at most online agencies, you have one person that leads the internal team (the Project Manager / PM) and you have another person that owns the client relationship (the Account Manager). I totally loved working with my clients at my last job, and I know that it will be fun getting to work directly with clients again.

For now, there is no office. The company is looking for a spot in Oakland, which will mean I can take public transportation there when we find the right office. For now, though, I am working from home. It's a virtual office! See. TV off? I'm at work. TV On? Oh, it's my living room.

There's also a great joke that's already started about the "Cafe" that's conveniently located to my office (which has been on the couch now for two days). The Cafe is steps from my office and has all my favorite foods. They serve gluten free things, and have coffee ready for me when I wander in. Sound like a dream? Well folks, here's the secret: The Cafe is my kitchen.

This week I'll be meeting my co-workers on Thursday onsite with the client. We have a lot of calls together. And we're all on IM. But I have to be honest, I miss human interaction during the day. And going to lunch or going to coffee and chatting with people face to face.

Well, the Cafe just whipped up some home made fries and chips in the new deep fryer they got over the weekend....

Do you guys have any tips for staying sane while working from home?


Miranda said...

Tips for working from home? I've got one rule and one rule only...

Coffee - keep it hot and fresh and you'll do alright!

Thanks for commenting on my blog!


Erin said...

See, my issue when I work from home is keeping my kitty (Swift) from sitting on my lap. She doesn't understand that laptops are for laps during "work time" and kitties are for laps during "not-work time". Then both kitties end up bookending me on the couch, sleeping, which makes me sleepy.

So I guess my tip is to not get a cat when you work from home!

I don't work from home very often, but when I do, I have a similar set up. Office is the couch and coffee table (not very ergonomic), coffee going all day. Its ok once in a while but I'd have a hard time doing it all the time.

Paula said...

I'm glad that I got to go to the client today, and that tomorrow the team will be gathering in Oakland. Nice!

I think next week I'll set up the dining room as more of an office.

Our cat used to love to lay on books when you were trying to read them. Silly boy.

kateyleigh said...

Thanks for the update, friend!! You sound happy, which makes me happy! Hang in there until you get to go to a real office - maybe you could stock the cafe with peanut butter m&ms and then it will feel a little bit like old times. :)
love you!!

Liz said...

I hope you really enjoy your new job! No advice on working from home because I never have.

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