Sunday, August 9, 2009

My First Sewing Project in a Long Time..A Purse!

Last weekend I bought a sewing machine in an attempt to salvage a slip cover project that quickly took on a life of it's own. Over the past week, I've been reading and looking at blogs and sites about sewing. I figure since I wrangled that slip cover into submission, I could probably take on another project. And that I should, since you know, I bought a sewing machine.

Enter in Sarah at "In my Spare Time." I found her cute and informative blog through Sew, Mama Sew, and really love her free patterns and easy to follow explanations. Ok, so I did make a newbie error of incorrectly attaching the straps on my purse, not once, but twice. But I didn't get mad, I just kept at it. And, I'm pretty excited about how it turned out.

Here's my new purse:
For my next projects, I plan on making a couple of more purses (my sister has already asked for one like mine :) ). I also have three pairs of pants that I need to shorten the hem on. Being 4'10", it was easy justifying this purchase since I need to get everything altered. I also want to make a small clutch with a zipper. After that ... well, maybe I'll slip cover my couch. No, I'm not kidding.

The big announcement, which will be quietly, lovingly placed at the bottom of this post is - my friend Chrissy and I have started our own business, and we launched our new blog last week. Our small fry of a shop is named "Ruby & Caroline" and you can see our site at I'll give more updates in the next few days :)


Kathie @ my net finds said...

love the purse!

Sheri said...

Very cool, love the fabric!

Liz said...

Awesome job on the purse. It's very cute!

kateyleigh said...

Yay for Ruby & Caroline! I have already read every blog post, and almost squealed aloud at work today when Chrissy gave me a shout out in her last post!!

I'm so happy you two are making this dream a reality!

Holly said...

Great job on the purse. I've been thinking about taking up sewing for a while now.

Thanks for the comment!