Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ever so Useful

The last few days have been busy, and I realize I've been without my "real" camera for over a week. I usually carry it everywhere I go, but I left it at my sister's house last weekend and haven't retrieved it yet. Instead of having that in my purse, I've had my iPhone handy to capture what I've been doing.

Saturday I got to hang out with my buddy Devin, at our retreat celebration. Our team gets together after each retreat to go over what we did, read reviews, and have a meal together. Here's my friend reading, quietly, by himself. He's two now. We have a lot of fun together.


After doing some big spring cleaning, and removing a fair amount of mold (ewww) from the bedroom, I hunkered down and bought a couple of de-humidifiers. Here's the cute little one that will hang in the closet. I like that it's "renewable" - there's nothing to dump out, you just plug it in when the indicator is pink. And then it dries itself out:


And, would you believe all the things this is "useful for"?? My coworkers and I were delighted by the imagery illustrating this:
Good for so much

I understand that all of these things probably benefit from dry conditions, but I laughed out loud at seeing the floppy disk, old school camera, and gun on the package. This thing is "useful for" so many things!


nowealthbutlife said...

I love small children reading!

And that packaging seems just a bit over-inflated in its self-promotion.

Paula said...

Ha! Exactly!

I've got the little dehumidifier hanging up in the closet and I can't wait to see how quickly it fills up.

Liz said...

Devin looks like a cutie! Glad you had a great visit!

That's too funny about the de-humidifier!

Katherine E. said...


It's been humid here in North Texas lately. Ugh. My husband wants to move to Miami for retirement, but I've lived in Houston. Ain't no way!

Devin's adorable, I'm sure!