Friday, April 17, 2009

The Cable Car Turn Around

After I left work today, I stopped by Anthropologie to do an exchange. The store is about four blocks from my office. Once I'd finished that, I headed off to BART so I could get home.

And I passed this site, the Cable Car turn around, which is always bustling with activity. From street performers, to shoppers, to lots of tourists, to the Cable Car operators, to commuters. And for some reason, I was instantly aware of how how amazing San Francisco is, how much I love this city, how excited I am to work downtown everyday and be a part of this scene. Here I was, just ending my week, nearly taking this site for granted. Instead, something went off in my head. I actually saw the tourists who were so excited to be in line for a Cable Car ride. I noticed the street performers. I took in the shoppers who were running between stores. For a moment, I was totally aware of my surroundings.

And, I found myself immensely grateful for the city, my job, and my life. It was a really great feeling.

On the evening commute


Liz said...

I would love to visit San Francisco! Bryan and I have dreamed of taking a vacation out there. Maybe someday!

I am Harriet said...

Cool picture and story.
Passing through via SITS to say hello.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Hello, neighbor! Always so, so fun to discover a local blogger. Us SF bloggers can be such an elusive bunch.

I’m what you might like to think as the very tail end of the SITS welcome wagon. While my cohorts all probably stopped by your blog in a timely manner, I instead took a different approach. I thought I would wait a while and then swing by and say, hey, you’re still a member!

Or maybe I’m just a big slacker who is finally getting back on the comment wagon. I’ll leave the interpretation up to you, but I urge you to seriously consider option #1! :)

So glad to have discovered your blog.


Tabitha in Bliss said...

My hubby was born there, but has not returned since he was 9. That would be a great birthday gift someday soon hopefully.

Aubrey said...

So amazing!
I would love to work downtown here but no lucky. Plus, it wouldn't be nearly as beautiful as San Francisco and I'd spend way too much money on my lunch break! LOL