Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Favorite iPhone Apps

I have one of the original iPhones, it's an 8gig sweetheart that runs on the good old Edge Network. In owning it just over a year, I have to say that I probably use 80% of the "stuff" on it. When applications came out, I was excited and I figured its good to share thoughts on some of them.

So, my top three favorite iPhone Apps:
1. Astro Tilt by Jirbo - this one started as a free download with just 9 levels to complete. The game play is similar to the old "break out" idea, there is a ball that you bounce upwards to clear game pieces. You bounce the ball by using a small paddle that you control with your finger on the screen itself. Once you've cleared the game pieces, you move on to the next level. There are also static/permanent pieces that can't be cleared that make the game harder.

The new version has 23 levels, which I still have yet to complete, and its still a free download. This is a great game to play when you have a few moments to kill or you would love some mindless entertainment. I love it!

2. Camerabag by Nevercenter - This little app costs $2.99 and takes the camera part of your PiciPhone to a new level. You can modify any photo (new or ones you've already taken) to have several different looks - including Helga, Mono (black and white), Fisheye, Lolo, 1974, Instant (like a Polaroid), 1962, Infrared, and Cinema. You can also crop photos, and choose what resolution to save them at. When you combine Camerabag with Flickr you can autopost pictures on the go by emailing them to your Flickr account.
Check out this Mono version of a picture I took when cruising the bay this summer on the right!

3. Phone Sabre by Macbox What you may not know is that I am a huge Star Wars fan. So, I downloaded the free Phone Sabre early in the game and have used it many many times. One coworker and I had a Sabre fight in the hallway at work, which was both intense and hilarious. The latest version (Lightsabre Unleashed")of the app has music, better graphics and a space to add a picture of yourself. Super cool.

Missed the Mark:
1. Facebook - I installed the Facebook app and used it for about one day. I found the functionality limited, and it made me feel "too" connected, if that's possible. Then again, I'm trying to pull away from the Facebook cult. It seems like people are just re-organizing themselves into the same groups they've always been a part of, except this time, its online. Remind me of the point? It's like The Sims ... fun, but why would I want to sit around and play a game that mimics what I do all day? OK, sorry, that got a little ranty.

2. Yelp - Also, very limited functionality. I find the "send a text message to my phone" function from within Yelp to be more helpful, as it sends you a link to the business. From there you can map your location and find a route to the business with the maps and Safari programs in the iPhone. I don't find that I need the Yelp app, though.

So, what Apps have you downloaded and do you love? What's helpful for you to have on your mobile device?

Helga from Window
The Helga setting from Camerabag

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Liz said...

We had the original iPhone but upgraded the day the 3G came out (we only waited 5 hours in line for it vs the 12 for the original on iDay). Being HUGE Apple fanatics we try to get all the up to date stuff. Well I begged for a MacBook Air and was told "NO". Oh well, we are trying to save money so I understand that I can't get everything. My favorite App is solitaire. I LOVE solitaire. I also have Topple, Hangman, Myspace, CheckPlease, Checkers, and AllRecipes. Bryan has WAY more than I do. He has 3 screens worth. In my opinion, the iPhone has been the best invention of this century. Yay for Apple!!!