Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Faith on Ash Wednesday

Today I came across the gorgeous artnlight blog, and found myself really inspired by the words in this specific piece of art. It is a striking quote as we enter Lent, in this time of searching, of purification, we must remember faith. Of course, in these days, we know how this story of Lent turns out. It leads into a glorious Resurrection. It leads up to great hope. It is a message of complete, total and abundant Love.

Faith, Originally uploaded by nairvee

How do we move ahead in those times where we don't know the ending? How do we bravely face moving ahead into these forty days as we examine our lives, our thoughts and our hearts? While each of us may have dark hours and tough times, we may be met with disappointments and hardships, faith keeps us true.

Perhaps one of the big lessons in the time of Lent is learning to lean into that faith. Feeling with our whole being that even when we don't know how the story ends, we will be held in capable hands. Hands that hold us tight and safe or hands that push us along to our own potential and our dreams. Hands that made each of us. Hands of the One who loves us, totally, completely, and abundantly.


Liz said...

Beautiful, Paula! I love that art work.

vineeta said...

Paula, thanx so much for featuring my work & giving my blog a mention. I read your profile & it sounds most interesting. I will be writing to you in the coming few days :)

Tammy said...

Thanks so much for the thoughtful lenten reflection. I needed that.