Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Music: When it Don't Come Easy

Patty Griffin is an amazing singer and song writer. I debated if I should post this song, or "Rain," which is also awesome. It's raining here in San Francisco (and a tip: don't call it "Frisco," folks or "SanFranCaliFrisco" for that matter- it's the equivalent of calling Boston "Beantown" which I hear is frowned upon by locals as well) and likely will be all weekend.

I went with this song because I feel like its a timeless message that we all need to remember, in each of our relationships, every day. Enjoy!

The picture was just taken out my window from work. That's the Etrade building below my window.

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Liz said...

Very pretty song! Love the picture!

We are finally having some decent weather.... just for the weekend. Today it was close to 60 an 49 outside now. Much better than the other day! :o)