Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Solstice: Yin Yoga and a Labyrinth

Sunday is the solstice, and the place I've started doing Yoga is having a Yoga and Labyrinth event! I can't believe it; these are two of my favorite things, and to have them bundled together will be a real treat. I have not done Yin Yoga before, and I haven't walked the labyrinth at Mercy Center yet, either. But I've been meaning to head over to Mercy to see what it's like. It appears to be outdoors, so we will be walking in the cold and dark of night.

I've really loved walking the labyrinth at San Damiano in all seasons, all times of day. I have an amazing memory of my best friend and I walking it together, in the hot mid day sun of August. I have funny memories of a group of us running down to it at 11pm, all going as fast as we could, and laughing and talking the whole way. My guy and I have done the labyrinth in total silence, which was not decided upon ahead of time. We instinctively touched hands each time we passed one another, and when we reached the center we sat still and silent, staring at each other until we both got up and started to head back out of the center.

Each walk of the labyrinth is something new, something refreshing. I'm sure an evening walk, with yoga folks, in the cold dark of the solstice night will be just perfect.

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