Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Buying Handmade for the Holidays

A few years ago I had a greeting card making business, which I started up during the dotcom bust. When I got let go twice in three months because start ups were closing down, I learned to look for a way to do what I love and for a way to remain in website production. I really loved being crafty, and it was a fun challenge to find ways to sell my wares online. I still love making cards and stationery, and can't wait to start making my Christmas cards for this year; I already have the supplies, I just need to hunker down and do them :)

A couple of months ago, after buying some really lovely pieces of art for my bathroom from vol25 on Etsy, I'd thought to myself that it might be nice to buy handmade things for some of my gifts for the holidays. I figured that it would be nice to support independent artists, especially in a rough economy. I liked the idea that I'd be supporting someone's passion and calling and I know how it is when you're running your own business. So, I'd thought to myself "I should make a post about this!"

Turns out, there is already an organization that supports the shift to buy handmade! And, its I'm super excited about seeing some of the prizes (presents, for those unfamiliar with how I use the word) I have ordered from Etsy for Christmas.

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