Monday, September 29, 2008

Spiritual Environmentalism

Our retreat theme for October 11, 2008 is "Renewing and Re-Cycling our spiritual connection with God, Earth & each other." This retreat is being held out at San Damiano, in Danville, California. We have a Young Adult Planning Team that helps come up with the topic, meeting several times before each retreat. We've become quite close, and I love being part of the team.

In the bigger picture of our existence, I see being "green" as part of my own Spiritual calling. We only have one planet and we are its custodians. Our Earthly home was created by the same Creator who molded each of us. It's only right to treat this place with respect and love. And I see part of our role here to be guardians of the whole Creation.

In tandem with the upcoming retreat day, I'm posting a few links, with ideas on how each of us can take steps to be more "green."

1. Catalog Choice
This free service allows you to "opt out" of getting many of the catalogs that show up in your mail box (snail mail) every day. Over 1 million people have opted out of over 13.5 million catalogs!
2. FreeCycle
Another free site that lets you post things that you'd like to get rid of, but are likely still usable, for free. You post your item, other people search through everything posted, and if there is a match, you give your item to a new home.
3. Low Impact Living
A dedicated green site that let's you see your own environmental footprint using the free Environmental Impact Calculator. Also provides ideas for projects to lessen your footprint.
4. Reusable Bags
A site dedicated to finding alternatives to plastic grocery bags, bottled drinking water, and other consumer items that are contributing to dangerous landfill. They have lots of good links for bags to purchase.
5. Cleaning Products
Both Clorox's Greenworks and independent Seventh Generation cleaning products are green and made from vegetable products. They work as well as other cleaners and bring fewer toxic chemicals into your home.

Here's my one DIY "green" tip - every morning when I'm waiting for the water to heat up, I place a watering can under the tap and capture all of the cool water. Later, I use that water for the plants on my patio.

Do you have any green tips to share?

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